Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wide Leg Pants

You can still rock your skinnies, but there is another very in trend option! The wide leg pant look is a very sexy look for the Spring. You won't have to get tired of them either because there are so many different kinds to choose from! There are capri length, sailor inspired styles, pinstripe wool, and casual linen. So many to choose from that you can wear them out to the grocery store or to work or even a night out and you're set! The style of the wide leg pant is incredibly versatile.
It is fitted at the waist and flared all throughout the leg. The look is very flattering to a lot figures. The fit is a good option for a hot day because the pant won't cling to your skin! Always a plus on uncomfortably hot days. A belted version brings out the feminine side and a high waist cut will look fabulous for the office.

My favorite are these from Marc by Marc Jacobs!

Or these two from Michael Kors!

These are also obsession worthy! From Victoria's Secret.


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