Thursday, March 31, 2011

Annabel Tollman

Annabel Tollman had a Central Saint Martins degree in fashion journalism and a lengthy list of celebrity clients. She has several years as the fashion director of Interview magazine on her resume. Now she has her own styling company based out of the West Village, and a large-scale obsession with glamorous, old-Hollywood style. Her client list includes Scarlett Johansson, Mariah Carey, and the Olsens. [Jealousy!] In between fittings with Brit musician Jamie Cullum for his new album, New York Magazine caught up with Annabel to talk about her personal style, designers that start with the letters A and B, and where to shop for vintage in New York.

How did you get into fashion and styling?
I loved fashion and magazines when I was growing up. I was good at English, so my mother convinced me to study fashion journalism rather than design at Central Saint Martins, a wise move, as I have very little patience and hate sewing. At school, while wearing a black dress with major accessories (a huge 
Vivienne Westwood handbag and silver shell-toed Adidas sneakers, I believe), I had a tutor tell me that I was probably really a stylist and not a designer or journalist.
What’s the inspiration behind your own look?
Elizabeth Taylor meets Brigitte Bardot. I'm a big believer in bombshell glamor. If it ain't broke … I’m also very inspired by literature. I get very inspired by literature because certain authors just paint such wonderful pictures. Nancy Mitford and Truman Capote are two of my favorites.
Who were some of your favorite designers growing up? What about now? 
The first designers that I loved and identified with were Rifat Ozbek and Katharine Hamnett, though I never owned any of it (it's sort of hard to pull that off at age 12, living in the sticks). Now I love designers whose names begin with A or B ... Alaïa, Azzaro, BalmainAntonio Berardi — butRoland Mouret remains an enduring favorite. I love some of the new Brit designers too: Meadham Kirchoff, Louise Goldin, and Richard Nicoll are all very exciting. My enduring love, however, is vintage.
What are some items you can’t live without?
I love belts. I'm particularly enamored with my black Alaïa belt because it adds some badass punch to an otherwise soft and pretty look. I bought these strapless bullet bras at a vintage show and I've been wearing them over T-shirts — people laugh and point, but as long as I'm happy, then they can laugh all they like.
Is there an item you are currently coveting?
Chloé white shorts with the scalloped hem. But they're totally sold out and I don't own a pair.
What trends are you into this season? 
I try not to dress according to trends. I think that a woman should wear her clothes rather than the clothes wearing the woman.
Any trends you wish would just disappear? 
Neon. Uggs.
What’s something every woman should have in her closet? 
It's a cliché, but it's true: a black shift dress.
Finish this sentence: I never leave the house without ….
Changing at least seventeen times

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wide Leg Pants

You can still rock your skinnies, but there is another very in trend option! The wide leg pant look is a very sexy look for the Spring. You won't have to get tired of them either because there are so many different kinds to choose from! There are capri length, sailor inspired styles, pinstripe wool, and casual linen. So many to choose from that you can wear them out to the grocery store or to work or even a night out and you're set! The style of the wide leg pant is incredibly versatile.
It is fitted at the waist and flared all throughout the leg. The look is very flattering to a lot figures. The fit is a good option for a hot day because the pant won't cling to your skin! Always a plus on uncomfortably hot days. A belted version brings out the feminine side and a high waist cut will look fabulous for the office.

My favorite are these from Marc by Marc Jacobs!

Or these two from Michael Kors!

These are also obsession worthy! From Victoria's Secret.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Joe Zee

Joe Zee, ELLE creative director, is starring in his own new reality tv series! In this he will help designers who are struggling to grow their business. It's on the sundance channel and it called All on the Line. Watch it!! The second episode stars Kara Janx from Project Runway. With so many designers barely making ends meet, this program offers unique insight into what serious industry power players suggest to tackle issues that many up-and-comers face. For example, how to stay true to your vision while being commercially viable. There are times in the show he will go to Times Square to critique what pedestrians are wearing, sounds so fun! Joe Zee and the buyers he introduces the designers to offer constructive advice that will entertain non-fashion types and be helpful for those looking to break into the industry.

You can read more here, and watch this hilarious video!

Friday, March 25, 2011

anna wintour

Anna Wintour has always been one of my biggest idols. Ever since I was little, I have always dreamed of becoming the editor of Vogue. Then finally I learned about Anna Wintour and then I realize dang, no one can replace her. She is extremely interesting and intimidating, but I love it. She has her famous signature look, the sunglasses and the bob. She has kind of a fashion uniform when it comes to going to work, simple cardigan and skirt with her heels, but when the red carpet rolls around, her outfits become so unexpected and unique. If only one day I could have that job of hers.

Grace Coddington and Anna Wintour.

Chanel - Fall 2010 Couture

Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear - Tommy Hilfiger

Chanel - Spring 2010 Couture; Anna Wintour and Hamish Bowles.

Red Carpet outfit

One of my favorite things about her is her fur! I L-O-V-E love fur in general, but she just rocks it so well. She makes it look astonishingly fabulous.

My all time favorite picture of her, or fashion in general. So chic. So claasy. So Anna Wintour.

editors' fashion

Texas Tuxedo

What is this? Lots of jean. This is the look of wearing a denim top with some sort of jean on the bottom. I told you, a lot of jean!

While some can pull it off, others cannot. Heres the deal on how to hopefully pull off this look with success.

Crisp, tailored cuts and avoiding the cheesy, acid-washed, vom-inducing washes that earned this ensemble a bad rap. Counter your light, airy chambray shirts with flats and ink dark denim which creates a nice color-counter-balance. Choosing the skinny cut is also super flattering against the tops' looser feel. Although many think it's a no-no to tuck it in, I think it is super chic if you do it right.
Deena Nicole Cortese on 'Jersey Shore,' Ashley Greene, Charlize Theron.

online lovelies

I've been home sick with nothing to do besides sleep and obsessing over all of the online shops. I have been drooling over fur coats all winter. I found adorable dresses.

Perfect for any season thanks to the ability of layering. You can dress this up or down. Wear it with a bikini in the summer, or tights and a jacket in the winter. I love this!

I can see this open-back dress being worn on some sort of runway or red carpet. I love the look and it's so chic!

So girly and cute and precious.

The lace is adorable!

I. Want. These. Now.

I'm not a romper person, but this is freaking adorable.

I'm obsessing over this right now.

Steve Madden. Oh boy. So chic.

Not this one, but I think long coats are the classiest piece of clothing anyone could own. This light little sweater is so girly. I'm not a fan of this pattern and colors but I think a solid color like black, or even a bright color, would be so hot!


Love the two layers!

classy and clean cut and cute

Plain and simple

Reminds me of a clown, but I kind of dig it

Funky cute.

I found these all over the place. Look at ModCloth, TreadSence, Katwalk, Windsor, and others such as different Etsy stores.