Friday, March 25, 2011

online lovelies

I've been home sick with nothing to do besides sleep and obsessing over all of the online shops. I have been drooling over fur coats all winter. I found adorable dresses.

Perfect for any season thanks to the ability of layering. You can dress this up or down. Wear it with a bikini in the summer, or tights and a jacket in the winter. I love this!

I can see this open-back dress being worn on some sort of runway or red carpet. I love the look and it's so chic!

So girly and cute and precious.

The lace is adorable!

I. Want. These. Now.

I'm not a romper person, but this is freaking adorable.

I'm obsessing over this right now.

Steve Madden. Oh boy. So chic.

Not this one, but I think long coats are the classiest piece of clothing anyone could own. This light little sweater is so girly. I'm not a fan of this pattern and colors but I think a solid color like black, or even a bright color, would be so hot!


Love the two layers!

classy and clean cut and cute

Plain and simple

Reminds me of a clown, but I kind of dig it

Funky cute.

I found these all over the place. Look at ModCloth, TreadSence, Katwalk, Windsor, and others such as different Etsy stores. 


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