Saturday, May 7, 2011

Travel in Style

American Fashion Travel by CFDA
When you're planning your next world adventure, why would you trust any other for rockin' travel tips—debonair hotels, restaurants, shops, etc.—than the fashion community? The CFDA has compiled today’s ultra-chic guide in order to encourage traveling in style! Check it out, American Fashion Travel!
This is the newest title from bestselling CFDA American Fashionseries. Embracing the on-the-go insight of many elite fashion designers, including Donna KaranDiane von Furstenberg and Phillip Lim, it features personal anecdotes, memorabilia and images in scrapbook format within its 144 pages. If that doesn’t warrant prime placement on your coffee table, I don’t know what does! Ready for your own jet-set escape? Pick up a copy of American Fashion Travel for inspiration ASAP!!!
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