Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's day fashion

Now here are 10 classic pieces for you to buy for yourself on mother’s day: 
• Nice pair of jeans: not anyone can sport that low waist pair of jeans, not even teenagers so to play it safe go for boot cut jeans with a medium high rise. Darker colors are more slimming, and avoid washed out pairs.

• The sleek blazer: a well-cut, form fitting blazer is sometimes all you need to go out. Whether patterned or plain, it looks good on almost everything (from jeans to skirts). Just steer clear of the padded blazers out there; we’re not trying to impersonate Rihanna.

• Cashmere sweater: whether it’s a wrap style, or just a gorgeous turtleneck sweater, cashmere gives your look that luxurious edge. Remember, fitted styles are preferable especially when accessorized with stone jewelry.

•  Crisp white shirt: that goes without saying. A crisp white shirt with ruffles will do wonders. The white shirt should be the second item you splurge on (after the jeans of course) since you’ll be wearing it with almost anything. Add a chunky necklace and you're already looking fabulous!

• Black trousers: When we say black, we don’t mean leather. No one should be allowed to wear leather not even Britney Spears. Older women tend to fall for creased pants, which is also a no-no! Go for a plain, high quality, flare (but not too wide at the bottom) pair.

• Flowy chiffon blouse: Great for occasion! Sheer always adds this feminine, flirty touch to any outfit. 

• Your winter coat: If you’re a bit short, avoid knee-length coats. Something in a bright color, or good fabric, or even sassy buttons would spice up your wardrobe.

• The skirt: A nice knee-length pencil skirt, or a maxi, form fitting one would both look good on you, give it a try.

• The cardigan: the best cover up ever invented. Any color, length, fabric, or style will re-invent your whole wardrobe. My all time favorite!

• The scarf: is the number 1 neck flattering accessory. Go crazy with pattern and colors!

“A woman has the age she deserves” Coco Chanel once said.

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