Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Looks on the Street

I'm in love with the cream lace top that the lady in the middle is wearing. Paired with a the contrasting green is brilliant. Obsessed.

Polka dots and horizontal stripes are the cutest ever in moderation! Too much is not the way to go. I also love the short suits that have been a hit all spring/summer/fall long. Adore.

Dots and dots. Literally so obsessed with this top!

Give me those white boots now! I'd really love that.
Paired with this laid back oversized seater/dress/shirt, precious.

Two-toned dress with rimmed hat- very classy.

That striped top. Oh goodness. I die.

Laid back but super chic.

Polka dot dress. Classic.

I am loving how she paired the sandals with a nice nude dress and a chic gold necklace to make it more casual but still elegant. Not sure how she did that, but I'm in love.

If it isn't the man repeller herself. So so so so chic.
She makes me die for those shoes and I need myself a vest like that.

Elegant. Neutral. Perfection. Classic.

I've been really diggin' the casual-crop-top-over-long-dress look.

Neckline is beautiful.
All back is darling.
Blonde- that's my girl.

Too too perfect. I love the cocktail dressiness of it paired with a more laid back shoe choice.
I wasn't too big of a fan of the black structured bag, but something hit me and it's so super cute.

Stomach and all- I adore this look.
Maybe it's because no matter how hard I try, this look makes me look goofy.
You go girl!

Nude crop over nude tank top- I die for the color combo
The rainboots are too precious

The shorts are super hot. Period. But paired with that white top. Oh my goodness.
Pure Beauty. Oh. And that BAG. AGJKHFIUH!

She has inspired me to wear my orange pants.
The mud adds a lot to the edginess look. I dig it.

Okay. Okay. Too perfect. I'm literally too obsessed.
Polka dot Pop of Color scarf. Structured nude bag. Light flowy top. Wide brimmed hat.

She works that bohemian bag.
Also, she inspired me to pull out my green cargos and give them a run for their monaaaay.

***Many thanks to The Sartorialist and Mr. Newton for these great street photos. Check them out!!***

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